About Texan Ice

A dream from Texas and a dream from South Korea

Nutritionist in Houston; Artist in Korea

Texan Ice started as a dream from South Korea and Texas. It all started when I visited my sister, Irene, in South Korea. Irene was a free-spirited artist living in Korea, learning the language and basking in its rich culture. Together we explored every corner of South Korea; the busy Seoul metropolis; the markets of Busan; the peaceful hidden gems of its countryside. Trekking through the country in the humid summer heat we found cooling respite in Bingsu (Korean milk shaved ice).

Dessert cafes selling bingsu abound throughout Korea. We would sit in those cafes, sharing an ingeolmi bingsu, thinking “if only we could bring this home.”

From South Korea to Houston

We didn’t want to bring the franchise over. We wanted to start something new. We wanted to engage with local producers to make a sustainable menu that was texanized – focusing on new flavors made with farm fresh milk from happy cows and introducing take out containers that would minimize our carbon footprint.

Now, Texan Ice is Korean-style milk shaved ice made out of whole milk from local pasture-raised cows. We make our own syrups in house using cane sugar and organic fruit, no high fructose corn syrup or nonsense.

Join us for a cup o’ Texan Ice at our outdoor café and enjoy cold-brewed iced coffee in this lovely Texan heat!

Irene Richer at Texan Ice

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